Staleks company - from sharpening to own production
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Company Staleks

01 Staleks operates a modern full-cycle fabrication facility

Staleks operates a modern full-cycle fabrication facility, where production processes span from preparation of metal bars to packaging of ready product. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with hi-tech machinery by leading American, German, Italian and Japanese brands. Use of the state of the art equipment guarantees ultimate product quality and eases even the most challenging technological tasks. Furthermore, certain machines and equipment are designed within the company and manufactured either in our workshop or as a custom order by our overseas partners. Staleks manufacturing facilities have over 1700 machines in 13 production units.

02 Custom staff training program

Some processes require extra precision and meticulousness that machinery, no matter how sophisticated, cannot provide. That is why, for instance, all sharpening operations are exclusively manual. Due to specifics and peculiarities of the manicure instrument manufacturing we have introduced custom training programs for our staff. Upon completion of the training course our employees have all necessary knowledge and skills required for high-quality, efficient work.


We employ over 1,100 skilled professionals that contribute to the daily output of about 6000 product units. Our product range has over 40 items: from professional manicure instruments to leather accessories. We manufacture more than 2,000,000 production units annually, and every year our capacity is growing. Staleks is the next generation technology meeting utter professionalism – the ultimate combination for making perfect tools.


We at Staleks dedicate ourselves to the product quality. Our production cycle includes input and output quality assurance processes. Quality of incoming raw materials is checked at the certified labs where physical and chemical aspects of steel are analyzed. Stainless medical grade steel imported from Spain is used for all instrument manufacturing. This sort of steel is exceptionally resistant to corrosion and has unmatched hardness, ensuring long-lasting sharpness. We use such steel for both professional and home use ranges of our instrument.

Output quality assurance is performed by our QC department. QC specialists check all products for compliance with regulations and standards.We are constantly working on improving quality assurance procedures, so the QC department workers are periodically attending workshops and seminars by prominent beauty professionals to learn about peculiarities of use of various instruments. All that increases thoroughness of all tests and checks performed. If defects are found, the instrument is returned for rework. This meticulous approach guarantees that only high-quality products meeting all standards find their way to the market.

Staleks has implemented ISO 9001:2015, an efficient quality management system compliant with international standards. Competent work cycle management is the key factor for manufacturing top notch products. Staleks is, first of all, instruments of unquestionable quality.

05 Company



Staleks founded in Kharkiv. It originated as a small workshop, specializing in sharpening, polishing, and finishing of manicure instruments, and our range was limited to scissors, nippers, tweezers and spatulas – just one model of each instrument. In the beginning the company only had 20 employees, and our production facilities were situated at the premises of a state-owned factory. Initially the instrument blanks were manufactured at medical machine tool works. Ukraine and Russia were defined as priority markets.


The company shows consistent growth, production capacity is increasing: commissioning of our own mechanical workshop equipped with lathes and millers, as well as sewing workshop for accessory production. The sewing workshop establishment marks the beginning of production of renowned Staleks manicure sets.


Establishment of own design department, focusing on new model development and improvement of existing instruments. Model range is expanding: new types of nippers, scissors, spatulas and tweezers are introduced. Staleks debuts in major international expo InterCHARM events taking place in Moscow and Kyiv.


The company is gaining momentum, and the priority is innovation and production modernization. Installation of thermoplastic molding machine – modern world-class equipment. Production of plastic parts commences.


Staleks products are already well-known, widely presented in the Ukrainian and Russian markets. Official Staleks online store is introduced to streamline selection and purchase of instruments for customers. Market expansion: now Staleks products are available in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.


Within massive production modernization program a new pressing machine (made in Italy) is installed, our own forging shop is commissioned. Staleks now has the full cycle of blanks production in-house. The company successfully passes audit, receiving quality control certification according to the ISO 9001:2008, IDT standard. Participation in the Baltic Beauty international expo. Market expansion: now the sales geography includes Turkey.


New growth stage: construction of the company factory near Kharkiv, Ukraine: from now on Staleks is using only own machinery and equipment. The company has about 300 employees. Export to EU starts, European distribution center is opened. Shipping instruments to Poland and Belgium starts. Staleks product range reaches 100 models. Latvia and Lithuania start importing Staleks products.


Participation in Beauty FORUM international expo in Poland. Staleks online store is opened in Russia. Instruments are delivered across the country, available for customers in every region. Staleks products are exported to Estonia and Germany.


Staleks opens its first European office in Vilnius, Lithuania. Export geography is expanded significantly. Shipping to Georgia, Sweden, Ireland, Romania and Cyprus starts.


As a result of full production completed cycle in-house, deployment of modern machinery, and staff expansion to 600 employees production increases: the company is making 2,000,000 units p.a. Staleks product range features over 180 instrument models, export to Czech Republic, Italy, Kirgizstan, Uzbekistan and the USA starts. Office of the Staleks online store opened in Moscow. Staleks is awarded for \"Significant contribution to manicure instrument industry and innovative expert approach\" at InterCHARM expo held in Kyiv. Staleks Shop&Service store chain is opened across Ukraine: now the customers are not only able to buy instruments, but to service them as well.


The company undergoes the full-scale rebranding, the logo and corporate identity are completely redefined with two brands – STALEKS and STALEKS PRO. New packaging is introduced. The company debuts at the Cosmoprof international expo in Italy, and, subsequently, in the USA. STALEKS PRO range is expanded with the new benchmark EXCLUSIVE instrument series. Staleks now: a successful developing company, a team of real professionals, recognition and popularity in over 20 countries, a wide product range that is constantly expanding, many years of experience, true craftsmanship. And the key feature that has not changed in more than two decades of the company history is outstanding product quality.

STALEKS in numbers

  13 manufacturing facilities

  22 years of success

  27 countries worldwide

Over 40 products

Over 600 employees

Almost 1 700 units of special-purpose machinery

3 000 000 units per year

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