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Anatomy of professionalism: 80 and 81 nippers models of the Expert series by STALEKS PRO

15 11/2018

Anatomy of professionalism: 80 and 81 nippers models of the Expert series by STALEKS PRO


STALEKS PRO introduces new 80 and 81 models of the Expert series to the international market. These manicure instruments have been created specifically for the nail industry professionals.

Bent handles of the 80 and 81 model nippers guarantee effortless pinching. While operating such nippers, manicurists can work faster and with less physical effort, compared to the traditional models. The unique design of the nippers ensures ergonomic grip.

New Expert series nippers are distinguished by the spring mechanism: model 80 features double spring, whereas coil is used in model 81. Choosing nippers is an individual process: every master is able to select a tool with the kind of mechanism they are used to.

For over a year STALEKS engineers were working on new 80 and 81 models, perfecting design and production technology. Meticulous work helped to create a professional tool with the following important features:

  • Elongated, narrow working part ("head")
  • Straight cutting edges with right inclination
  • Tight pinching of the cutting planes
  • Unmatched sharpness of blades (due to multi-stage manual sharpening)
  • Perfect matching and polishing of hinges
  • Additional corrosion resistance (due to the use of high-quality medical-grade AISI 420 steel and professional polishing)

When testing the Expert series models 80 and 81 by STALEKS PRO, experts noted the ease of pinching, a wider viewing angle, silk-smooth stroke, and impeccable sharpness. Don't miss a very important feature: if nippers are put on the table during operation, curved handles will not allow the blades to touch the surface, which means the tool will have a longer service life.

Model 80 and 81 nippers allow all sterilization methods without deterioration of their functional properties or outside appearance. All professional nippers can be sharpened repeatedly – high strength of the medical grade steel is ensured by hardening in the vacuum furnace.

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