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The history of eyelash extension. Where did it all begin?

05 11/2018

The history of eyelash extension. Where did it all begin?


Few people know that the popular procedure of eyelash extension was introduced almost a century ago. It all started with gluing artificial elements to the natural lashes – this method took root in the art of acting, where it was important to change the image often.

Today lash makers no longer utilize materials and tools used for lash extension in the 1920s. Those have been replaced by neat artificial eyelashes that do not differ from natural ones visually, professional tweezers of all sorts, and a wide variety of techniques.

Let's talk about how the history of the eyelash extension began – who were its pioneers and what tools they used in their work.


Hollywood: the birthplace of the lash extension

Let's start our time travel with Hollywood make-up rooms, where the legend Maximilian (Max) Factor was creating. In case you didn't know, the world-famous brand of cosmetics and skin care products is named after this fabulous man. At the dawn of the 20th century, Max Factor was a part in the musical "Chicago". While working on the image of a charming coquette Roxy, Mr. Factor offered actress Phyllis Haley to add more femininity to the character by attaching artificial eyelashes and creating a more expressive and alluring image. The artist neatly glued a thin fringe of artificial eyelashes to the upper eyelid and achieved the desired result – the audience was delighted with the enchanting eyes of Roxy, and women around the world wanted to recreate this stunning look. It was a real revolution in the beauty industry.

Although artificial eyelashes struck the minds of fashionistas, back then only few could afford to wear them in everyday life. They looked spectacular on screen or stage, but in everyday life were not very practical and looked unnatural. First, the fringe glued to the thread was used, then they started to attach separate artificial eyelashes to the natural ones, creating a more natural look.


Eyelash extensions as a fashion trend

In the 1950s, the technology of eyelash extension marked another milestone – small bundles of eyelashes came to replace inconvenient fringes. They held longer and looked more natural.

Artificial eyelashes became popular with film stars, celebrities, and women of society. One of the brightest movie stars of all times, Sophia Loren, stunned her fans with thick eyelashes. The actress turned to extension for her role in the drama "La ciociara", nominated for Oscar later. Even at the age of 84, Sophia stays devoted to eyelash extension – this procedure has become truly dear to the diva.


Eyelash extensions in the land of the Rising Sun

At the beginning of the new millennium, the trend of eyelash extension found its way to Japan. The technique used by the Japanese masters differed from the one invented in Hollywood. The first makeup artist who tried to embody the idea of artificial eyelashes was Shu Uemura. He proposed a method that produced the effect of naturalness which was not present in Hollywood eyelashes. An artificial lash, similar in shape and curve, is attached to every natural one. These lashes last for up to 3 weeks because they are attached to the ciliary edge, not the eyelid skin.

In short, this Japanese technology, or rather its improved form, is now used by lash makers throughout the world. Artificial eyelashes are hard to distinguish from natural ones – the procedure quickly won the hearts of fashionmongers as a quick way to achieve an expressive and bright look.

The first celebrity who extended eyelashes in this way became the extravagant Madonna. It is worth mentioning that so far no celebrity has broken her record for the cost of artificial eyelashes. In her legendary Re-Invention show, Madonna appeared with diamond-decorated eyelashes – these were sold for $10,000 later.


What about today?

Today, the eyelash extension procedure is considered one of the most popular services in beauty salons. Although it is believed that long fluffy eyelashes and expressive eyes are purely a female trick, some men who want to improve their appearance and complement the image also turn to lash makers.

The modern extension procedure requires careful approach and professionalism. Every stage is important:

1)     Removing cosmetics from the natural lashes

2)    Degreasing each eyelash with a special solution

3)    Holding artificial lash or lash bundle with special tweezers

4)    Application of adhesive to the lash or bundle

5)    Spreading natural lashes with straight tweezers

6)    Gluing artificial eyelashes to the base of the natural ones

The use of professional tools ensures the successful completion of such surgically precise work. Staleks PRO cares about the convenience of the masters and the comfort of their client – each lash maker will be able to choose the perfect option from 19 models of eyelash tweezers.

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