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How to choose tweezers for eyelash extension?

05 11/2018

How to choose tweezers for eyelash extension?


It is truly amazing how numerous modern lash industry extension techniques are. From the Japanese lash-by-lash technology to hyper-volume extension, layer technique, perfect line... it's hard to count everything, but even harder to understand which tool to choose – if only one shape of tweezers was available commercially in the past, then now the market offers a huge variety of models. Each model has its own characteristics, advantages, and purpose.

STALEKS PRO, a brand of professional beauty tools, presents EXPERT series, featuring a wide range of eyelash tweezers for extension in any technique. Our post will help you understand what kind of tweezers is suitable for a particular procedure.


EXPERT series tweezers – choice of professionals

All EXPERT series eyelash extension tweezers are made of high-quality medical grade steel. This material is considered to be optimal in terms of durability and practicality – with proper care tweezers do not corrode.

It took STALEKS a year and a half to design, create, and launch a series of tweezers for extension. The technology of instrument production was changed three times, more than 20 lash experts contributed to design. The QA team checked every instrument meticulously and even took the courses in eyelash extension from the leading artists.

In 2018, when the engineers worked out all the subtleties of the creation of this tool, the first batch of EXPERT series eyelash extension tweezers was presented to the public. The variety of the working part shapes allows each lash specialist to choose convenient tweezers and achieve the desired result of extension in a particular technique.


The shape: which instrument should be chosen for a particular technique?

No extension procedure is complete without professional tweezers. They allow to conveniently grasp the artificial eyelash, shape lash bundles, separate and hold the natural lashes. In such painstaking, surgically precise work, it is important to consider all the nuances, not to mention the choice of the right tool – quick, convenient, and professional extension is hardly possible without it.

STALEKS PRO offers lash specialists the following tweezers:

  1. Straight shape. Allows you to separate and hold the natural eyelashes, glue the ready bundles.
  2. Curved shape. Considered a classic. Used to hold and attach artificial lashes, perform extension in the corner of the eye. Ideal for the formation of full, 1.5, and 2D volume.
  3. L-shaped. Suitable for both classical volume extension and modeling.
  4. Hook. Designed for hyper-volume extension. It is convenient to form a bundle of eyelashes from fingers or tape with such tweezers. When holding the bundle with the hook tweezers, it can be conveniently fixed to the ciliary edge.
  5. Crescent. Convenient for the formation of bundles for double volume and extension in the classical technique.

Let us have a more detailed look at the features of each shape of the eyelash tweezers.


Straight tweezers

Tweezers for eyelash extension, considered an auxiliary tool: held in the non-dominant hand and used to separate natural lashes. Straight tweezers are convenient to separate a single natural eyelash and attach artificial lashes to it using an instrument of a different shape.

Professional straight tweezers must be thin and smooth, and perfectly sharpened, too. Tips of such instruments must have precise pinching, they must be opening to up to 7 mm. Ease of pressing, satin finish that does not have a reflective effect, improved visibility thanks to elongated thin handles are important features of tweezers that enable the beautician to work faster and without unnecessary effort.

STALEKS PRO range offers the following straight shape tweezers: TYPE 5 and TYPE 10.


Curved tweezers

Such instruments are considered to be the core element of your toolbox: you make bundles of artificial lashes or grasp a single natural lash with these tweezers. There are special requirements as for the choice of such tweezers, as the quality of pinching and smoothness of stroke affect the speed of work and general outcome of the extension procedure.

When choosing curved tweezers, it is important to check the width of the working plane, the length of the handles, the amount of force required for pinching, the quality of sharpening, surface coating. To fully benefit from such tweezers, is very important to choose the right type. Depending on the shape of the working part, the curved tweezers of the EXPERT series are available in the following variants:

  • Classic – gentle curve is convenient when working with tapes and bundles;
  • Angle 40 – the tips are bent at 40 degrees, the best tool for volume extension with tape;

Angle 30 – convenient for separating and gripping eyelashes, can replace straight tweezers.


L-shaped tweezers

L-shaped tweezers are often considered a sub-type of curved tweezers. Still, they deserve to be mentioned as well, because their working parts are available in various shapes, depending on the bend angle.

For example, Angle 35 tweezers with curved tips are used for classical extension and artistic modeling. Angle 85 is perfect for Hollywood and 3D volume, with formation of the bundle from fingers or tape.

The advantages of L-shaped tweezers are well-known to every master who used them in their work at least once. The working area is designed for safe and comfortable operation in the inner and outer corners of the eye. The tweezers can easily grasp lashes of any length and shape.


Hook tweezers

Perfect for volume extension (4D and more). Tweezers can be used during bundle formation not only from fingers but also from the tape – this extends the instrument functionality greatly. Hook tweezers allow mastering any technique of volume extension, as they are convenient both to form a bundle and to fix it to the ciliary edge.

This shape can also be classified as a subtype of curved tweezers because the working part is angled. STALEKS PRO offers the following varieties of hook tweezers: TYPE 3 (46 degrees), TYPE 4 (60 degrees), TYPE 12 (65 degrees), TYPE 6 (75 degrees).


Crescent tweezers

A relatively new type of tweezers that has already become popular with lash makers due to refined appearance and convenient design. Tweezers of this kind become indispensable when it comes to working in the inner eye corners. Also, it is convenient for forming bundles from fingers or tape. Fine polishing of the edges minimizes the risk of glue build-up and eyelash breakage.

Crescent tweezers from STALEKS PRO: radiusTYPE 1TYPE 3TYPE 6TYPE 11. Each lash maker can choose the right tool for the job based on their personal preferences.


The shape of tweezers affects the speed of work and the outcome, as well as the comfort of the client. First of all, you must consider what techniques your give priority to and your individual preferences to make the right choice. As a manufacturer of professional beauty tools, STALEKS brings you a wide range of tweezers for eyelash extension, so every lash specialist could choose the most convenient tool.

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