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How to determine the person's character by the nail polish color?

09 01/2019

How to determine the person's character by the nail polish color?


Manicure is a bright element of the image, and therefore it has to be considered with great care. Choosing the suitable color, shape, and length of nails, design, additional decorative elements is a complex process, based not only on fashion trends (although many rely solely on this aspect) but the accompanying mood and even character traits, too.

Have you ever noticed that some people stick to only one polish color? Or from year to year stay true to the same style? We decided to find out why this is happening and whether manicure can reflect the state of one's mind.


Does the character influence the choice of manicure?

In psychology, it is widely believed that the appearance of a person reflects their inner state, attitudes, and habits. To test this point of view, psychologists have analyzed how the selected color of nail polish and the clothing style correlate with the character traits of a particular person.

The color theory of Max Lüscher was chosen as a theoretical basis for this research. And to this day the choice of colors is a simple express test to identify the dominant features of the character.

So why is this psychological approach focused on nails and polish in particular? According to Jung, this body part is connected not only with internal self-determination but also with the interaction directed outside (external representation). In other words, through appearance, we seek to express what is on our mind. The interpretation of the meanings of various polish shades describes a wide range of personal characteristics – positive and negative, existing and desired.


The polish color and character

1. Red for the elegant and feminine:

Manicure in red is a classic that has been there for many decades. Those who choose polishes of similar shades (from bright red to rich cherry), as a rule, are quite confident and elegant. They manage to combine chic and casual style at the same time.

It would be wrong to think that women with red manicure are exclusively powerful, cruel, and immoderate in their desires. Yes, they have bright energy and are able to captivate with their charm, but they can also compromise and be fragile.

2. Black for the creative personalities or natural leaders:

Black nail polish is chosen not only by teenagers who are going through a difficult phase of emotional decline. This color is especially liked by artistic persons: if you paint your nails black or charcoal gray, it means that you are open to inspiration and rely on your creativity in any situation.

Even if you do not consider yourself a particularly creative person and yet consistently opt for black polish, do not be afraid to explore your imaginative abilities and spend more time in pursuit of the real you. Black manicure reflects the character of those who have strong leadership traits and succeed in everything, whatever goals they set.

3. White for the fair and open:

Those who choose white or pearl nail polish, strive for naturalness. They are open and honest, they do not accept flattery and hypocrisy. Also, the choice of a white polish is associated with such positive qualities of character as confidence, kindness, desire for justice, moderate indifference, and calmness.

4. Blue for the responsible and result-oriented:

Fans of blue polish are optimistic about life, they love to experiment. Manicure in shades of blue (from light blue to indigo) is preferred by those who have an analytical mind and are selective when it comes to their associates. Such people do not network with just anyone, they tolerate neither nonversations nor gossip.

Blue polish distinguishes businesslike, purposeful, and responsible people who love order and are extremely disciplined. Interestingly, such people are often successful: perfectionism usually implies high requirements for oneself.

5. Pastel colors for the calm and sweet:

Polishes of barely visible flesh colors (pale pink, beige, milk) look appropriate in any situation. This feature reflects the character of a person who chooses such color: these people are calm, easy to communicate with, they value comfort and coziness. Soft and delicate colors give out a romantic nature: such people are in a constant state of love, they idealize their object of attention and like to show charm.

6. Purple, lilac for the thoughtful and purposeful:

Purple and lilac shades of nail polish are favored by those who appear soft and dreamy on the outside. In real life such people are practical, they have a strong intuition and creative mind, like loneliness, but do not mind to establish serious relationships.

With all the visual sentimentality the fans of purple hues are cool-headed and forward-looking, they know how to achieve goals and succeed.

7. Sunny colors (yellow, orange) for the cheerful and optimistic:

Warm shades are associated with the sun for a reason – such colors are chosen by people who radiate cheerfulness, kindness, and optimism. Those who prefer yellow or orange nail polish are amorous, bold, and easy-going. At the same time, they are afraid of loneliness and lack of communication – without a supportive environment, such people fade and quickly fall into sadness.


The palette of colors and options of nail art is extremely diverse. Manicure can be a reflection of your emotions and mood, portraying your character. Applying polish is an important step in creating your personal image, but do not forget about the preliminary preparation of nails. Only with the help of professional tools the master will be able to achieve neat manicure results without chipping, torn cuticles, and inaccurately filed nails.

The accuracy of manicure is as important as the polish color or the choice of decorative elements. Staleks Pro offers a series of professional instruments that will become indispensable for both beginners and experienced nail specialists. 

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