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International Sharpening Congress held in the manicure capital of the country

11 10/2018

International Sharpening Congress held in the manicure capital of the country


KHARKIV, UKRAINE – International Sharpening Congress held in the manicure capital of the country.


The International congress of manicure instrument sharpeners was organized by the major manufacturer of manicure instruments, Staleks, and was attended by 69 participants from Moldova, Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

The Congress became an excellent platform to make ties with peers from different regions, discuss the fashion trends and tendencies, innovation in the nail industry.

During the discussion panels the participants touched the issues of customer service, sharpening, maintaining sharpness of instrument, its hardness and corrosion resistance.

Visiting Staleks manicure instrument factory - the largest in Europe manufacturing facility of this sort - definitely became the highlight of the event.

Staleks presented the new models in the product range and shared some info on the company achievements in the 2018. The participants also learned about the new format of cooperation between Staleks and instrument sharpening studios.

The event also included the International sharpening championship, “Sharp Battle”, where 32 contestants competed in the nomination “Staleks PRO Sharpener”. The nominees had to demonstrate their skills on the cuticle nippers NE-20-8. Grigoriy Bogdanov (Moscow, Russia) became the winner of the contest, the runner-up was Anton Kutcheyash (Chisinau, Moldova), and Evgeniy Tsimik (Melitopol, Ukraine) took the third place.

The event of such scale was held in Kharkiv for the first time ever, but Staleks is planning to make it happen annually and bring more participants from around the world.

The winners were awarded with exclusive prizes, and the rest of the attendants received memorabilia and gifts from Staleks.

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