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Fashion trends in manicure: 10 ideas for 2019

25 12/2018

Fashion trends in manicure: 10 ideas for 2019


Modern fashion trends are so diverse that everyone can find a unique and unusual image. Manicure is an important element of style you can experiment with: try new colors, think of daring decorative elements, do not be afraid to adjust the length and shape of the nails.

As a leading manufacturer of beauty instruments, STALEKS follows the fashion tendencies that will be popular in 2019. What is important in nail design? What combinations of colors, patterns, and decor elements will be trending? Time to choose your favorites, let’s take a closer look!


 Features of manicure - nail length and shape

The well-groomed fingernails and neat manicure is a cornerstone of your image. Before choosing some unusual nail art, spend a moment considering the shape and length you want for your nails.

Experts say that slightly pointed (almond-shaped or “stiletto”) nails will be the ultimate hit of 2019. It is considered one of the most versatile shapes, easy to work with, suitable for fingers of any length. Rounded edges make your fingers look longer, giving the manicure a more refined touch.

As for the length of the nails, experts leave the choice to the girls and their preferences. Simply choose the nail length that is convenient for you.

An interesting fact: professionalism of a nail specialist is only half of what it takes to get a quality manicure. The other half is the merit of sharp and durable instruments that fit comfortably in the nail artist’s hand. STALEKS PRO offers both beginner and experienced artists a chance to evaluate the benefits of professional instruments that are used in all stages of manicure (shape correction, trimming nails, removing cuticles and horned skin around the nail folds) to make the job easier and simpler.


Experiments and nail art: popular designs of 2019

Let’s take a look at the most creative and interesting stage of manicure, nail design. Expert opinions differ, as the world’s top fashion and beauty magazines/blogs describe opposite trends: pastel and dark colors, extravagant designs with lots of decorative elements and minimalism, matte finish and glossy glitter. In our final top chart we present 10 most unusual ideas for manicure with which your nail art will never go unnoticed.


1.    The effect of broken glass

This technique originating from the Korean beauty industry has become a global trend. The explanation to the sudden popularity of such nail art is a sacred rule of the 21st century: it’s gotta be quick, simple, and tasteful.

Although the broken glass manicure isn’t exactly complex, it is still better to trust this job to a professional. Having covered nails with a final layer of polish, the master applies bits of special plastic that visually resembles a shimmering hologram. The natural light conditions outside are very rewarding for such manicure as the “broken glass” produces a lot of glare and changes colors. It’s the perfect manicure for everyday life or evening promenades.


2.    The colors of precious metals

Gold, copper, and chrome have been named the main shades of 2019. And it is not necessary at all to buy expensive nail polish with particles of real gold or get jewelry manicure to shine in the new year.

Nail artists use metal glare on neutral pink or beige shades. One-color designs with metallic hues can be applied to all or just several nails. Pearl pigments on the white basis look favorably on long stiletto nails.


3.    Glitter

The abundance of sequins is an unusual trend of 2019, as normally sparkling bits are applied to several nails only, whereas the rest is decorated with matte polish. But the upcoming year is the time of bold experiments, and many nail designers are already offering to their customers to cover all the nails with glitter. For more saturated glitter shades polishes of bright colors are used – carrot, emerald, amethyst, scarlet.

With such manicure, it is easier to experiment with the metallic inclusions (hello, French manicure!), asymmetrical lines, matte inserts. The only thing to avoid in 2019 is oversaturation. Forget about sliders, rhinestones, and other stones that can outshine the glitter.


4.    Color French manicure

Any dual color solution works with the basis of the classic French manicure. The principle is the same, but it is important to make the manicure more noticeable and saturated, combining nude shades with bright glitter, dark colors with light shades, and vice versa.

Experts advise using the principles of “lunar manicure” (reversed French) in 2019, interlacing different colors of the same range in any sequence.


5.    50 shades of blue

From bright aquamarine to rich Indigo – almost all shades of blue will be trending in 2019. The solid blue manicure (matte or glossy) will be extremely popular but do not forget about the glitter, which will look appropriate for both everyday and festive atmosphere.

Blue color combines well with gold, silver, light blue pigments, or the effect of “broken glass”. The advantages of this color are not only in harmonious compatibility with decorative elements but also in the fact that it is suitable for any shape and length of nails. Versatile and stylish!


6.    Minimalism

A minimum of decorative elements, nude colors, lightness and unobtrusive style: minimalism becomes a thing in its own in 2019. This is not surprising, as fashion for naturalness cast the glamorous rhinestones and bright accents into shade long time ago. Minimalistic manicure is ideal for everyday life due to its versatility.

The basic principles of nail art in the minimalistic style are using pastel color polishes, neat decorative elements (a thin strip of contrasting color or one miniature crystal at the base of the nail, a shimmering slider applied as a vertical strip on top of the base color).


7.    Style geometry

For everyday manicure experts advise choosing simple geometric elements with triangles or sharp angles. Single geometric shape with thin gold edges will guarantee an exceptionally stylish look. Such an element becomes the focal point of the composition, and at the same time, it does not overload the impression.

If you wish to decorate your nails with multiple geometrical figures, the bright design with sharp corners is your weapon of choice. The combination of two or more contrasting colors will create a motley pattern, especially if you alternate glossy polish and glitter. Don’t forget about zigzags and rhombuses – they are also in trend!


8.    Rainbow ombre

Gradient manicure of all colors of the rainbow first appeared on the Opening Ceremony fashion show. Of course, if you reproduce such an experiment at home it is quite unlikely that you succeed – you need to turn to a professional. Combining seven colors at once and achieving smooth transitions is not an easy task, but the result is well worth it. In addition, the design looks interesting in any variations: matte, glossy, neon.


9.    Animal print

Patterns that mimic the zebra, leopard, or snake skin have long been in fashion, but unusual interpretations will become even more popular in 2019. Such an animalistic design must be subtle, without bold outlines. Professionals advise to choose unusual shades and color combinations, use bright colors: purple, red, green.


10. Ethnic and abstract designs

Original ethnic patterns will add a special touch to any nude manicure. Abstract designs, like the space-style manicure, patterns on the wet gel polish, colored chaotic brush strokes bring a lot of attention to your nails. According to the latest trends, the more recklessly done they seem at the first look, the better!


Whatever manicure design you choose, remember that creativity is and will be the biggest trend ever. Professional nail artists are always ready to fulfill the client’s desire to have an unusual and stylish look, so they can suggest suitable combinations of colors and decorative elements that just do the job. And with the proper instruments, creation of the perfect manicure does not take much time: – products by STALEKS PRO will help the master to do their job faster and with better results!

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