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A Million Dollar Nail Design: the Most Expensive Manicure in the World

19 11/2018

A Million Dollar Nail Design: the Most Expensive Manicure in the World


Although naturalness is considered to be an eternal classic in the beauty industry, the desire to stand out and do something exclusive has an important place in the nail art. Luxury is the trend popular with celebrities and people who do not count spare change.

Nail polish with scattering diamonds, gold plating, precious stones instead of the usual decor elements – this is how expensive manicure looks. How much does it cost and where do they provide this service? STALEKS has the answer.


Manicure from the Guinness book of records

The most expensive manicure, worthy of the Guinness book of records, was made in Israel. Nail art with large exclusive cut diamonds, sapphires, amethysts, and rubies cost about one million shekels.

It was sponsored by Ramat Gan Diamond Centre (RDC). The decor elements were provided by the store. The procedure was performed by Anna Perelmuter – a manicurist, teacher of design and nail art in yulliaschool.

According to Roman Kushnir, a specialist in the field of precious stones, 100 small diamonds weighing 4.25 carats, more than 30 rubies and sapphires of total 0.9 carats, 2 carats of amethysts, and 2 large diamonds of 4 carats were used for this astonishing manicure.

All this beauty graced the hands of Julia Danilochkina, the winner of the Facebook contest organized for the Russian-speaking Israeli women. - I held my breath when I realized that my hands were decorated with diamonds that cost like an apartment in Tel Aviv, smiles Julia.


Luxury of diamonds

Diamonds are best friends not only for girls, but also for manicure specialists. Just for 51 thousand dollars they'll come up with a nail design with the precious stones - and bring this extravagant idea to life. You can have this manicure at Cherish..Me, a beauty salon in London. Apart from 10 carats of diamonds, only clear transparent polish is used. This design is called Ised Diamond Manikure, it was authored by the salon ownerAngula Cherish.

Despite the fact that this beauty salon is located in London, anyone can order a diamond manicure anywhere in the world – the team will fly in for such an order. This service is quite a popular with celebrities who dream of a luxurious diamond manicure – for example, Katy Perry decorated her nails with precious stones before the ceremony of MTV Europe Music Awards.


 Gold and precious stones on the nails

Other kinds of precious stones do look fabulous on the nails as well – we're talking about rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Leighton Denny, the owner of Day SPA and Saloon in London, pioneered this technique. The price of such manicure goes up to 32 thousand dollars. This nail art has gained popularity among Arab princesses, and in the first month when the salon announced availability of this service about 170 people booked it!

It seems that London is indeed the home of the most expensive manicure! The Ritz, a beauty salon in one of the famous Piccadilly street hotels, offers golden manicure. The idea belongs to Jeff Pink, the creator of the nail care products brand Orly.

Gold manicure will cost you $120 – in addition you get a moisturizing hand bath and massage with olive oil. The procedure takes about an hour and a half.

In case you didn't know, celebrities also love their gold manicure. In 2012 Rihanna had 5 thousand dollars manicure with gold particles by the Red Carpet Manicure for the Grammy ceremony she was attending.


Star manicure

The undisputed leader in the expensive manicure is the singer and actress Kelly Osborne. In 2012 she walked the Emmy red carpet with the $250,000 nails. Her hands had 265 carats of diamonds on them!

A year later Kelly had a million dollar manicure as a part of the Azature Black Diamond Affair charity event in LA. All profits from the manicure were transfered to the Colon Cancer Foundation. The foundation was established by Kelly's mother, Sharon Osborne, who was diagnosed with this terrible malady in 2002. Despite the grim survival statistics that accompany the disease, Sharon coped with her diagnosis and decided to help other people in their struggle for life.

Gwen Stefani, known for her extravagant images and memorable musical hits, launched her own nail polish line. The collaboration with OPI resulted in limited collection of mirror nail polish and decorative Swarowski crystals elements of nail design.

Do you dream of making your manicure look expensive? Your secret of beauty is not hidden behind ridiculously priced nail polishes or exclusively cut jewels. The best recipe for the proper manicure is to choose the right tool for the job. Professional instruments by STALEKS PRO are the right choice if you are striving for recognition!

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