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New "EXPERT" series lash tweezers by STALEKS PRO

14 11/2018

New "EXPERT" series lash tweezers by STALEKS PRO


STALEKS PRO presents new "EXPERT" series lash tweezers. Models 40 and 41 were designed with regard to the specifics of extension.

The thoroughly engineered shape and design of the professional tweezers enable the lashmaker to perform efficiently, and the customers benefit from flawless extension results.

Compared to other instruments by STALEKS, it took the longest time to design eyelash tweezers. Eighteen months passed between the start of design and launching these models. Our QA team checked every instrument meticulously and STALEKS designers even took a course in eyelash extension from the leading artists.

The technology of lash tweezers production had to be changed three times, more than 20 lash experts and QA engineers contributed to design. In 2018, when the engineers worked out all the subtleties of the creation of these tools, the first batch of EXPERT series eyelash tweezers was presented to the public.

The use of AISI 420 medical grade steel and strict control at all stages of production result in the following advantages of eyelash tweezers:

  • Increased corrosion resistance, durability, and practicality
  • Soft stroke is achieved due to a certain angle of bending (7 mm opening width)
  • Superior overview thanks to elongated handles
  • Tight grip on the material
  • Uniform pinching of working edges due to professional manual sharpening
  • Polished edges do not damage eyelashes and prevent glue adhesion
  • No reflective effect due to the satin (matte) finish

At the moment, 19 models of eyelash tweezers with various handles and working parts are commercially available. Eyelash extension instruments by STALEKS PRO feature refined design, they are pleasant to touch and comfortable to hold in your hand. Every lash professional can now choose suitable tweezers and enjoy the benefits of using the right tool for the job.

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