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New Tweezers by Staleks PRO at the International Sculptor Lash Championship

27 11/2018

New Tweezers by Staleks PRO at the International Sculptor Lash Championship


The International Sculptor Lash championship was held on November 24-25, 2018 in Lviv.

The event was aimed at improving the skill level of lash-specialists. Every practicing master who wants to learn new techniques, acquire useful work skills, communicate with peers, and network can participate in the championship.

This has been the eleventh event of the series – previously Sculptor Lash championships were held in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa. The first Sculptor Lash took place in 2015.

The last International championship was sponsored by Staleks, manufacturer of professional tools for the beauty industry. In 2018, we have introduced a series of new eyelash extension tweezers under the Staleks PRO brand.

Our new 19 models of tweezers feature various working parts and handles, so each extension specialist can choose a tool for themselves – taking into account the preferred technique, convenience of use, and personal considerations.

The unique production technology, the high-quality medical grade steel, manual sharpening, and unmatched polishing of the working surfaces are the advantages of the new series tweezers, highly praised by the participants of the Sculptor Lash Championship. Smooth pinching of the edges reduces hand fatigue, which affects the work results and comfort of the lashmaker

Sculptor Lash is recognized as the largest championship in Ukraine because it:

  • Brings together more than 300 participants from Ukraine and other countries
  • Is judged by practicing beauticians, winners of international competitions, and teachers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Latvia, and Moldova. 
  • Has four main nominations and more than ten additional ones

Participants of the event can not only prove themselves, demonstrate their skills, and learn new work techniques, but also receive valuable prizes from the event partners. Staleks presented gift boxes with new professional tweezers to all participants and the panel of judges of Sculptor Lash.

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