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Staleks PRO sponsor of the Nail Pro Ukraine championship

17 05/2018

Staleks PRO sponsor of the Nail Pro Ukraine championship


We want to share with you the good news that we are sponsors of the Nail Pro Ukraine Championship. Also we are sponsors of the Ukrainian Creative Group.

The team has already started active preparation for the championship, you can monitor their work on the hashtag #mypartner_staleksPRO

We gave gifts  to the masters so that their job would be impeccable

  • scissors and clippers EXCLUSIVE series
  • Manicure pusher EXPERT
  • scissors to cut shape
  • apron for the Staleks PRO master
  • brand towels

But that's not all, about the most important gift we'll tell you later!

Follow the events on the #staleks_event hashtag in our social networks:

Instagram @staleks_official

Facebook @StaleksOfficial

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