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STALEKS debuts in Hong Kong: attending Cosmoprof Asia 2018 Expo

19 11/2018

STALEKS debuts in Hong Kong: attending Cosmoprof Asia 2018 Expo


The annual beauty industry expo Cosmoprof Asia was held on November 14-16 in Hong Kong. This is one of the four global Cosmoprof events. The event in China was organized by Bologna Fiere and United Business Media.

Every year reputable companies from Europe, Asia, and America demonstrate the best samples of their cosmetic lineups, care products, tools, and materials in B2B format. The participants not only present a wide range of cosmetics and perfumes, but also share the latest production achievements and innovations (e.g. packaging, equipment, and raw materials).  

Cosmoprof Asia 2018:

  • Over 3000 exhibits
  • Brands and companies from 43 countries
  • 22 national and group pavilions covering the area of 113,800 sq. meters
  • Over 85,000 visitors (including 38,000 international delegates from 124 countries).

Cosmoprof Asia exhibition is intended for a wide target audience: manufacturers, distributors, beauty parlor salon/nail bar/spa/hotel/healthcare and sports facility owners, as well as the general public.

It was the debut of STALEKS in Hong Kong . As a prominent manufacturer of beauty tools for professional and home use, we were proud to present our achievements to the foreign public.

We demonstrated a range of STALEKS (products for home use) and STALEKS PRO (professional tools) brands. The format of the exhibition did not involve retail sales – the purpose of our participation in Cosmoprof Asia was to attract new business partners and distributors.

Apart from product display, additional events took place within the framework of Cosmoprof Asia exhibition - a variety of forums, round tables, presentations, and workshops. STALEKS presented the professional cuticle scissors Exclusive SX-11/1 seriesNarrowed tips, blades mimicking the lunula curve, shortened handles, and polished cutting surfaces are the unique features of our scissors, thanks to which our instruments were selected for presentation at Cosmoprof Asia 2018.

The successful debut of STALEKS in Hong Kong inspires new achievements and successes. We plan to continue to participate in thematic beauty exhibitions, to create tools based on your wishes and international quality standards!

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