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World's TOP Salons

30 11/2018

World's TOP Salons


Professional staff, breathtaking interior, pleasant music, individual approach, the amazing atmosphere of beauty and bliss – all this can be found in a beauty salon. Relaxing SPA treatments, manicure and pedicure, hairdressing services, and massages can be booked in one place.

Despite the fact that you can take care of your nails and skin at home, many still prefer to go to an expensive beauty salon instead. The attention you're entitled to and the relaxation during your favorite treatment elevate the mood and make you feel special.

So, for those who like to feel on top of the world, STALEKS has prepared the list of the world's top-notch beauty salons. We selected the best salons according to the following criteria: rating, availability of innovative and trending procedures, qualification of staff, clientèle (number of bookings, star clients), and interior design.

We will tell you about one-of-a-kind luxury places where you can find the full range of treatments and even get acquainted with media celebrities.



The Media Paradise

Maison de Joelle Jumeirah (Dubai, UAE)

An exclusive beauty palace, the stylish design of which reflects the exquisite taste of the owner Joelle Mardinian – the famous TV star and makeup artist. For three years in a row, this establishment became the winner of the World SPA Awards — the leading beauty industry awards programme.

Interesting fact: now Maison de Joelle is a part of a reality show on МВС1 channel! Every week the viewers of "Joelle" follow the transformations of the show guests.

Maison de Joelle Jumeirah is located on the 3rd floor of the Kempinski Hotel in a large shopping and entertainment complex Mall of the Emirates. Professional beauticians will provide a wide range of services, from creating spectacular hairstyles and evening makeup to relaxing spa treatments and even tattoos.

As for nail art, you can book classic or French manicure and pedicure. Prices are quite acceptable for such an expensive country as the Emirates – about 100 dirhams ($27). The polish has to be paid for separately, though, starting from 50 dirhams ($14) for one-color nail art – the price depends on the complexity of the design and materials used.

Maison de Joelle is quite popular with celebrities: journalist Souhair al-Qaisi, actress Lindsay Lohan, and TV diva Kim Kardashian are frequenting this classy joint.


Home of the Posh

The Ritz Salon (London, UK)

From the scorching Emirates we move to cool London where upscale beauty salons cater to the tastes of the most demanding customers. The Ritz is located on the 7th floor of one of the Piccadilly street hotels, offering a breathtaking view over the magnificent Green Park.

Here the customers can book facial and body treatments, massage, various spa procedures. The salon services are available both to hotel guests and the general public. The Ritz beauticians only use 100% organic skin and hair care products.

Euro manicure by highly skilled nail artists will cost $30 here. The procedure includes cuticle treatment, nail filing, use of exfoliating scrubs and lotions. Manicure with solid gel polish will cost you about $40, but one can always choose more luxurious options. We have already written about the stunning $120 gold manicure The Ritz Salon is offering.


The Network

Regis Corporation (Minneapolis, USA)

It is difficult to imagine to what extent a brand of beauty salons can grow. Established in 1922, today Regis has branches in 30 countries with more than 10,000 salons around the world!

Despite its size, Regis Corporation focuses on customers with average incomes rather than star clientèle. Anyone can book treatment and get free expert opinion.

Regardless of the fact that the Regis history began with the idea of focusing on quality hairdressing services only, at the moment the company salons provide all kinds of treatments for body, hands, face, and hair. Manicure is no exception: Regis offers the basic procedure with the cuticle pushing (the technique without use of scissors or nippers is very common in the US), nail filing and clipping, designing with gel polishes. At the end of the manicure, the customers enjoy hand massages and moisturizing baths with special oil for hand skin and cuticles.


The Definition of Luxury

Images Luxury Lounge (Southern California, USA)

There used to be times when 24-carat gold, diamonds, and pearls were used exclusively in jewelry, but now the courteous beauticians of Images Luxury Lounge will use them to decorate your nails. The unique luxury manicure includes nail care, application of polish, and decoration with precious stones and gems (the only limit is your taste. And budget, of course!), as well as hand massage using lavender lotion.

The "cheapest" nail art with 4 to 10 diamonds on your hands will cost you $500. The next level – the "gold rush" manicure – has a price tag of $2500-10000. Probably you will feel relieved if we tell you that this hefty sum includes not only polish with particles of real 24-carat gold, but also champagne, French pastries, and a personal manicure set as a gift. They know how to attract a client!

In addition to manicure and pedicure with precious stones, the Images Luxury Lounge also offers treatments for eyebrows, eyelashes, and skin. These procedures are quite moderately priced, compared to the diamond or gold manicure: you will have to pay up to $40, depending on the complexity of the procedure.


Home of the PROs

DOLORES (Moscow, Russia)

DOLORES Beauty center has gathered a constellation of the world-class professionals. 10 world Champions, 5 European Champions, 2 Eastern European Champions, 4 Russian Champions, 1 Moscow champion, and 1 American champion – all of them work in one beauty salon. Looking at such a renowned team, you immediately realize that you are "in the right hands". Beauty experts from DOLORES regularly take part in shows and workshops, develop their skills, and take courses in the world-leading professional schools.

This professional approach draws interest from many representatives of the Russian elite: politicians, businessmen, artists, and athletes. The elegant interior of the salon attracts the wealthy – the style of a XIX century mansion with beautiful marble stairs, a huge golden chandelier, glass tables, and leather sofas creates an atmosphere of luxury.

DOLORES beauty salon offers a full range of treatments for hair, skin, and nails. The nail artists will materialize unique designs and make a neat manicure ($75), will provide nail extension service ($120) and pedicure ($68).



The heavenly retreat

Spa Guerlain in l’Hôtel Trianon Palace (Paris, France)

France is the birthplace of beauty and femininity, and Paris is the capital of splendor, romance, and luxury.

One of the best hotels in Paris, Hilton, is a home for a real spa paradise, offering individual treatments from professional beauticians, makeup artists, manicurists, and hair designers.

The cost of services in here is quite impressive. Pricing for a day of heavenly relaxation and the full range of procedures starts from €1000. Cosmetic procedures on average cost about €150, manicure and pedicure with the individual design can be done for €140. Of course, regular customers enjoy discounts, and there is no such thing as queuing for the hotel guests. The beauticians are available round the clock in Spa Guerlain– in other words, at any time convenient for the client.



Peeking at Tomorrow

IL COLPO (Hong Kong, China)

IL COLPO beauty salon was opened in 2011. The architecture of the building with a glass front wall allows you to admire the picturesque view over Victoria harbor.

Inside the customers find themselves in the real cyberspace, liquid metal furniture enhances the division of the inner space into three sections according to the services provided – hair treatment, nail art and manicure, spa section.

The nail services in IL COLPO include traditional manicure and pedicure, nail art with precious stones. Prices here are considered acceptable by Chinese standards: $30 for manicure with nail polish, almost twice as much ($55) for pedicure, $45 and up for therapeutic manipulations for hands and feet (massage, relaxing baths, acupuncture).


Have you ever been to one these salons or maybe you dream to visit them someday? How can one assess the level of service in such luxurious places, is it worth overpaying for "heavenly pleasure" and relaxation?

Keep in mind that the key to quality manicure is not just a super-fancy salon and expensive polishes with gold particles, but rather the professionalism of the master and proper instruments. STALEKS PRO offers durable products made of high-quality medical grade steel. Our range has instruments for various spheres of the beauty industry so that each master could find the most convenient tools suitable for their preferred techniques.

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