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The trend of 2019: eyelash extensions for men

17 01/2019

The trend of 2019: eyelash extensions for men


In the modern world, new fashion trends challenge stereotypes and fear of novelty. The border between masculine and feminine is somewhat blurry these days, and this affects the beauty industry.

People are no longer surprised that a man cares about his appearance, does manicure and signs up for other spa treatments which used to be considered purely "female" business.

In recent years, eyelash extension has gained popularity among other services in beauty salons. And this procedure draws interest not only from women but from men, too.

What exactly is eyelash extension for men? What tools are best suited for such a procedure, what to look for, where to go – the leading Ukrainian brand STALEKS PRO will reveal the secrets of a beauty service which has already become a trend in 2019.


Why do men need eyelash extensions?

Not everyone has been blessed with naturally thick and long eyelashes, and it troubles many people, regardless of gender. Men also want to look attractive, although they are reluctant to admit it sometimes.

In addition, many young men work in the beauty or fashion industry. In this environment, it is important to attract attention, to have a vivid and expressive image. The best solution to the problem is the eyelash extension. In this case, eyes look much more beautiful and natural compared to wearing makeup.


Secrets of eyelash extension for men

Eyelash extension for men is distinctive due to the fact that for this procedure the masters use hairs of natural length and classic colors, although everything depends on the client's wishes in the end.

To get the desired result, it is important to know the nuances of eyelash extension for men. This procedure consists of the following steps:

  •  Picking the material
  •  Determining the required length of eyelashes
  • Color matching
  •  Choosing the extension method.

The most common are two techniques: the Japanese approach (involves lash-by-lash extension) and the bundle method. In general, the preparation for the procedure and the sequence of stages of eyelash extension for men is not any different from what we already know about lash extension for women. We have already shared the secrets of professional eyelash extension that will help you achieve naturalness and accuracy – these aspects are especially important for men.

During bundle extension - as its name implies - the bundles of three and more hairs are used. This procedure doesn't take much time.

The las-by-lash technique yields the most natural results. This effect is achieved due to the fact that individual artificial hairs are attached to each natural eyelash. Thus the eyelid isn't overloaded and lashes have a very natural look.


Professional instruments for male eyelash extension

For the procedure to be successful, it is important what kind of instruments are used. Professionals cannot afford to use amateur tools, so check out the eyelash extension tweezers series by STALEKS PRO.

The choice of extension tweezers is crucial. There are many types of these instruments, and each model has its own characteristics and purpose.

Every extension technique requires tweezers of special shape. For instance, the straight tweezers are best used for retaining the hair bundles, and the L-shape tweezers are used for modeling eyelashes.

For a neat male extension is important to have curved tweezers in your arsenal to securely hold and attach the eyelash to the edge. Such tweezers are indispensable for the classical technique extension, the formation of a one-and-a-half or 2D volume.


What are the pitfalls of the extension procedure?

Eyelash extension can cause difficulties, of which men should know in advance. Even if all the materials and tools used are of excellent quality, and the level of the lash master's skill is undoubted, no one is absolutely immune to allergic reactions. Despite all your desire for thick eyelashes that emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes, do not get down to business if you are allergic to glue or other materials. It is necessary to discuss this issue with the master.

To find out if you have an allergy, ask the master to attach just a few lashes and wait for a day. A day is more than enough for the manifestation of allergic reactions. If no negative consequences are observed, you can safely proceed.

Also, eyelash extension is not recommended for people who have chronical conjunctivitis. Among other things, if your own eyelashes are damaged or weak by nature, they simply may not withstand the weight of artificial eyelashes and can begin to fall out after a while.


Whatever type of extension you choose, the professional instruments are the most important factor. Only they can help the master achieve maximum precision and accuracy.

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