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How to maintain and store the instrument?

1. It is important to disinfect and sterilize all instruments after each use according to the manufacturer’s guidelines 

2. Joints, screws and cutting elements must be lubricated with oil periodically. 

3. We recommend to seek professional services when instruments need to be sharpened – this will prevent performance degradation.

4. Avoid cutting edge and rubbing surfaces contamination with abrasives. 

5. Store in dry conditions out of the reach of children. 

6. We recommend storing instruments with blades facing upwards. 

7. Use specialized cases to protect cutting surfaces in long-term storage or during transportation.

8. Avoid contact between cutting edges of separate instruments to avoid damage to the edges. 

9. Do not drop or knock instruments against hard surfaces as this may cause damage to the cutting edges.

How to disinfect and sterilize the instrument?

User must adhere to instrument sterilization sequence.


  • Disinfection
  • Presterilizing cleaning
  • Sterilization


  • Do not clean contaminated instruments with running water to prevent dissemination of pathogenic microorganisms with splashes.
  • It is recommended to use disinfectants that are efficient against hepatitis B and C viruses, and dermatomyco.

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STALEKS PRO - designed for long-term professional use and STALEKS – beauty tools for home use.

STALEKS PRO series highly maintainable instruments are designed for long-term professional use. EXCLUSIVE, EXPERT and SMART series are recommended for manicure and pedicure professionals, cosmetologists, eyebrow shaping and eyelash extension specialists. All professional series instruments are made of high-quality medical grade steel to ensure great corrosion resistance and serviceability. Every instrument is sharpened manually, and this guarantees prolonged sharpness and exceptional cut quality. STALEKS PRO instruments offer great versatility of shape, type, and size options, so beauty professionals can pick the right tool for the job to make work effortless and pleasant.

STALEKS instruments combine first-grade steel, ultimate professionalism and superb craftsmanship of the company workers. Due to manual sharpening cutting edges do not require resharpening for extended periods of time, resulting in superb quality of manicure and pedicure, and medical grade stainless steel is highly corrosion-resistant. Versatility, ergonomic design and long service life – these key features of CLASSIC and BEAUTY&CARE series instruments make them an irreplaceable asset for those who care about their looks.

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