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Tool guide: Classic nippers by Staleks

Today, under the rubric of the “tool guide,” we’ll tell you about an interesting model for a home manicure. Meet Nippers of Classic line from the brand STALEKS.

Classic is one of the lines designed for nail care at home. In addition to nail nippers and skin nippers (these are two different tools!), The range includes cuticle scissors, nail scissors, manicure pushers, eyebrow tweezers, and feet files. The classic arsenal of tools for a set!

But today we focus only on Classic nippers. With its help, you can give a self-manicure at home.

PAY ATTENTION! As Classic nippers are intended for personal use, they cannot be used by the nail technician with a large queue of customers. These nippers cannot be aggressively sterilized and disinfected, as nail stylists used to do in a salon with a professional tool.


All Classic nippers combined by such characteristics: stainless steel, manual sharpening, and glossy finish.

  1. Nippers are made of stainless steel grade 40X13. A high percentage of chromium provides corrosion resistance.
    40% of carbon content (responsible for the hardness of steel).
    13% of the content of the main alloying element – chromium (responsible for corrosion resistance).
  2. All Classic nippers are sharpened manually, so the tool is ready to work right after purchase. It saves time and money on tool sharpening.
  3. Additional resistance to corrosion is provided by polishing with GOI paste. GOI paste is used for grinding and polishing steel alloys and gives a glossy finish. Nippers also have a smooth and soft stroke.


Inside the line, the nippers differ in the shape of the handles, the length of the cutting part, and the purpose.

  • Shape of the handles. The model of nippers NC-10 has wide handles, while the model NC-11 has narrow handles. Each person has their preferences in the design of the instrument because it is more convenient for someone to use nippers with wide handles, and for someone – when the handles are narrow. It is an individual moment that does not affect the quality of the tool and the cutting abilities.

  • The length of the cutting part. Inside the range, there is a choice of cutting parts from 6 mm up to 14 mm. They are also selected individually.

  • In addition to cuticle nippers, the Classic range includes nail nippers. They are characterized by more large handles and strong joint construction in comparison with cuticle nippers. The model of nippers NC-65 is suitable for cutting the nail plate, without the risk of peeling off.


The Classic tool combines quality materials with traditional design. Design features ensure the durability and ease of use.

 Nippers from the Classic line help gently and efficiently remove cuticle and skin from the lateral nail folds. And nail nippers will allow you to correct the length of the nail plate effortlessly.

Nippers have all the essential properties for home use and will last a long time if subject to the rules for tool caring and storage.