We decided to arrange a mini-tour through our range. Why not get to know your favorite instrument better? After all, STALEKS PRO has a wide range of tools for different tasks.

Today we’ll talk about professional Smart nippers from STALEKS PRO.

Aesthetic and functional design, original design solutions, all this is inherent in the Smart tool. The range includes nail nippers, skin nippers, manicure pushers, cuticle scissors. You can read more about each tool in our blog.

But focus specifically on skin nippers. What unites Smart nippers, and what are the differences between the tools of the same line?

All Smart skin nippers combine stainless steel, manual sharpening, a matte finish, smooth stroke, and ease in maintenance.

  1. SMART line nippers are made of stainless steel grade 40X13. A high percentage of chromium provides corrosion resistance.
    40% of carbon content is responsible for the hardness of steel;
    13% of the content of the main alloying element (chromium) – is responsible for corrosion resistance.
  2. All nippers are sharpened manually, so the tool is ready to work right after purchase. It will save not only the time of the nail stylist but also money for additional services. Jewelry accurate edge processing allows you to use the tool for a long time without re-sharpening.
  3. Sandblasting processing affects the corrosion resistance of the Smart tools. Thanks to this, all instruments of line have a matte finish.
  4. The polishing of joint construction gives a soft and even stroke. A nail stylist will be able to work comfortably with nippers for a long time without getting tired.
  5. The professional Smart tool can be disinfected and sterilized and it is also convenient to maintain and sharpen.

So, what are the differences between the nippers for the skin of the line?

Inside the line, the nippers differ by the handles, the spring mechanism, and the cutting part (length, presence of the “heel,” inclination).

  • Handles. The NS-10 nippers model has shorter handles, while the NS-60 has longer handles. The length of the handles affects the convenience and comfort of the nail stylist. The load on hand also depends on the convenience of the handles.