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Tool guide: Expert scissors from Staleks Pro

We decided to write about other positions of our range within the rubric “Tool Guide.” And today is the time to talk about professional cuticle scissors – there are a lot of questions about the choice of this tool.

Cuticle removal is an essential point in the manicure procedure both from an aesthetic and hygienic point of view. Uncontrolled cuticle growth leads to hangnails and cracks. It causes discomfort and gives the nails an unpleasant look.

Removing the skin around the nail plate requires caution and professionalism. Professional cuticle scissors of the EXPERT line from the STALEKS PRO brand will help to cope with the task perfectly. The tool is made of stainless steel and can meet the most stringent requirements of nail stylists.


All professional cuticle scissors combine stainless steel, thin narrowed blades, small backlash and ease in maintenance.

  1. All Expert line cutters are made of high quality 40×13 steel with high chromium content. A unique red-hot method makes the material so durable, and a high percentage of chromium gives corrosion resistance. For additional corrosion protection, the entire Expert line tools are polished to a mirror effect using GOI paste. GOI paste is used for grinding and polishing steel alloys; it gives a glossy finish to the tool.
    40% of carbon content is responsible for the hardness of steel;
    13% of the content of the main alloying element (chromium) – is responsible for corrosion resistance.
  2. The main advantages of EXPERT scissors are thin, narrow blades that help to remove the cuticle and coarsened skin qualitatively, even in the hard-to-reach places. It is achieved thanks to professional manual sharpening.
  3. There is a slight backlash in the scissors, which reduces the friction of the blades of each other so that the scissors retain their cutting properties.
  4. Cuticle scissors EXPERT can be disinfected and sterilized if you follow the rules of operation.


Professional EXPERT cuticle scissors are distinguished by the length of the handle and the working blade, the shape of the handle, and the design for the right-handed/left-handed technicians.

  • Dimensions. In the classic SE-10 models, there are 3 types of the length of the handle and the working blade. There are S, M, L sizes. With an increase in the length of the handle, the length of the working blade is proportionally increased. Thus, each nail stylist will be able to choose for themselves comfortable-sized scissors.

  • Handle shape. In the line there is a model SE-20, it differs in the bend of the handle. This unusual design provides comfort during operation, as the tool fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

  • Right / Left Handed Construction. Nail stylists with a leading left hand can also choose a professional tool. In the line, there are scissors for left-handed people, which, due to a special design, allow to improve the view of the cut line and provide a comfortable position of the hand during the procedure. In such scissors, the working blade is on top, and the cut is carried out from left to right. It is the SE-11 model that is presented in two sizes – S, M.

  • Micro scissors. The EXPERT line also includes cuticle micro-scissors (model SE-90). Micro-scissors are lighter and more maneuverable than ordinary scissors. Due to the fact that the handles spring and they can be comfortably held with two fingers, the hand gets tired less during the work.

So, the wide range of scissors of the EXPERT line allows the nail stylist to choose the most convenient and high-quality tool for himself, depending on their preferences.