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Partners and cooperation

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STALEKS is the leading Ukrainian manufacturer of instruments for manicure, pedicure, cosmetology, eyelash and brow care. The company has been on the market for over 20 years, and our products are renowned for their superb quality. The sales geography is constantly expanding: today STALEKS instruments are available in 26 countries around the globe. The company owns two major brands: STALEKS PRO – professional beauty tools, and STALEKS – instruments for home use. Each brand has a number of product series that are constantly expanded.

Our main goal is development. Our desire to bring better products to our customers determines the company evolution vector, defining our core values and priorities.

When we are talking about development, we mean ceaseless betterment and improvement of our instruments. The company is aiming at production of high-grade, benchmark quality instruments. By designing and manufacturing innovative products, we give our customers new ways to handle their professional challenges efficiently and with ultimate quality. From this perspective, STALEKS is realizing its mission to move forward with both the consumers and the market in general.

Fulfilling the above mentioned goals is one common aim for all of our employees. Working as a single living organism, STALEKS is successfully overcoming one challenge after another, ensuring movement in the right direction.


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