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Professional cuticle scissors EXCLUSIVE 20 TYPE 1




Length of blade

Key features

▪ unique curve of handles

▪ perfect balance between cutting plane thickness and sharpness

▪ narrow tips

▪ classical blade curve (R300mm)

▪ shortened handles for better movement precision

▪ manually sharpened using microscope

▪ polished cutting edge for surgically precise cuticle cutting

▪ exceptional material hardness and seamlessly smooth stroke

▪ extreme durability

After I started making hooked scissors, people from the nail industry have been approaching me all the time, asking whether I am the guy who makes scissors by smashing them.

So I turned it all into joke: yes, I drop the scissors to make hooks on the blade tips. But let me tell you a secret: dropping scissors and making the perfect bend is true art.

Exclusively for STALEKS,
Sergey Dzisko,
instrument maker,
author of STALEKS PRO EXCLUSIVE scissors series

Your Exclusive Partner

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