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Kasya nail club - school

Kasya nail club - school



Having passed the courses in Kasya Nail Club you will receive not only a full package of information and practice to work as a master, but also:

- Diploma of international standard, which are recognizable not only in Ukraine but also abroad; Our graduates work almost all over the world.

- Support after training, graduates of Kasya Nail Club can address any question to school coaches at any time.

- Assistance in employment. I want to note that Kasya Nail Club has established itself as a school that actually produces specialists in its field, in this regard, a large number of salons are leaving applications for vacancies for Kasya Nail Club graduates. And also, if you want to become a part of the Kasya Nail Club, then I would like to draw your attention to the fact that all current masters and trainers of Kasya Nail Club are its graduates, with basic courses.

- the studio provides All the materials during the training, while you can work not with one brand, but learn how to work with different products and equipment.

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