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Irina Klapshi Training Center

Irina Klapshi Training Center



Eyebrow modeling

Eyelash extension

The Irina Klapshi Training Center is a modern and progressive training center for the training of qualified masters of manicure, eyelash extensions, eyebrow modeling, and sugaring.

We have released more than 7000 students, many of them have won many awards and prestigious awards in regional and international competitions. Our center is open to everyone, for those who want to learn a new profession from scratch, as well as for practicing masters who want to improve their skills and reach a new level. And also for those who once passed the training, but not sure about their knowledge. Selecting our training center, you get not only high quality theoretical knowledge, but also dozens of hours of practical training on real models, who will help you to be a worthy master. At the end of the course, international certificates are issued, thanks to which, you wouldn`t reject your favorite profession in any part of the world. Join the best masters of the nail service! We prepare professionals!

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