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Eye shadows on nails – how to make a trendy manicure using a cosmetics bag ?

You ran out of your favorite gel polish, and you just wanted to give yourself a manicure? Or do you want to experiment with an unusual color? Do not despair, because you can quickly get into trends. It is enough to open the cosmetic bag –  the makeup products that will come in handy in such a seemingly hopeless situation.

Today we will tell you a little about home manicure and give you an interesting idea – a manicure with eye shadows. Interesting, unexpensive, trendy!


Jenna Hipp first said that nails could be coated not only with polish but also with eye shadow. Such world stars as Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lawrence, and Michelle Williams trust this nail stylist with their manicure.

Jenna was the first who described such an unusual design method on her Instagram page. In the photo, it looks like she has applied a shimmer coating to her nails. But it turned out to be quite different.


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Публикация от Jenna Hipp Spencer (@jennahipp)

«If you have old eye shadows, do not rush to throw them away – Hipp urges. – Use them for other purposes, such as creating a beautiful glow on the nails or making smooth transitions like ombre. I’m sure everyone can get a fresh manicure using eyeshadow. The main thing is to apply layer by layer, gradually and slowly».


Посмотреть эту публикацию в Instagram


Публикация от Jenna Hipp Spencer (@jennahipp)


The idea of manicure with eye shadows is already three years old, and during this time, nail stylists managed to experiment with such a design.

So, blogger Masha Create created a real work of art on her nails – she repeated Van Gogh and his painting “Starry Night.” And in this, a palette of shiny eyeshadows helped her.

It looks mesmerizing. Loose shadows help achieve a glow effect – small sparkles look very beautiful, and choosing a polish of just such a texture is quite tricky. Let’s try to repeat the design?

First, prepare your nails and cuticles (do a hygienic manicure). The tools from STALEKS will help you with this. The brand’s range includes two lines for home use: Classic and Beauty & Care. The difference between them is in the design of the instrument (Classic has a simpler design, no-frills, while Beauty & Care are stylish, with interesting design elements).

A starter set of tools for home manicure: cuticle scissors or skin nippers, scissors or nippers for nail, pushers, nail files. Explore the STALEKS catalog, choose a convenient tool for yourself. The main thing is to focus only on your comfort.

We have already written about how to prepare nails and cuticles here correctly. There are also tips for choosing a tool, and there is a detailed video on how to make a classic manicure.

So how to do a unique nail design using eyeshadows at home?

  1. Prepared nails with neat cuticles must be cleaned of small crumbs after using the file;
  2. Use a dehydrator to degrease the surface of the nail;
  3. Apply the base;
  4. Apply one coat of colored polish or black polish for a background. The shiny pigment looks brighter on black;
  5. Using a brush, lightly apply the shadows in several layers – choose according to the color saturation.
  6. Then cover with “top.”

There is also such an option: put loose eyeshadows into transparent gel polish, mix until smooth. Apply on top of the black polish and base. You can make a whole palette – it all depends on your imagination. And eyeshadow collections, of course. ☺

Nail stylist Chelsea King also gives excellent tips on eyeshadow manicure. On her YouTube channel, she talks and shows how to use eyeshadows on nails. A small spoiler: she suggests at the end to fix the finished design with a colorless polish so that the shadows “sat down” more densely.

Do you like this design? You can repeat it at home, and the main thing is to use quality materials and tools. Share your work on Instagram, tag the @staleks_official account, and be prepared for us to publish your design – your talent shouldn’t go unnoticed!