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What materials are Staleks Pro Pododiscs made of ?

Pododiscs appeared in the range of the STALEKS PRO brand in the fall of 2019. Much has changed over the year, including new items in the pododisc range.

At first, we had a tool made of steel: classic pododiscs of different diameters for a specific task. Then holes appeared in pododiscs – they looked like drops, which is why they got that name. Almost at the same time, the plastic pododiscs and steel pododiscs-umbrellas appeared in the range. And very soon, the presentation of a novelty is expected – a pododisk with an extended leg for devices with a vacuum cleaner.

In this article, we decided to describe each type of pododisc depending on the material. It will help you choose the right tool for your excellent work.


Smooth steel pododiscs without holes are no longer in our range – tools with “drops” have replaced them. As a brand, we talked a lot with the beauty industry leaders and nail stylists, conducted research, and gathered a focus group. It helped us determine what the ideal pododisc should be –  the one that does not overheat, does not break the device’s handle, and can be sterilized and disinfected.

The result of our efforts is in front of you. The metal pododisc is made of corrosion-resistant medical stainless steel.

The steel pododisc with “drops” is available in four sizes:

  • XS (diameter – 10 mm)
  • S (diameter – 15 mm)
  • M (diameter – 20 mm)
  • L (diameter – 25 mm)

The leg has a standard height (26.52 mm) and thickness (diameter – 2.2 mm). Therefore, pododiscs are matched for most nail drill machines.


The “umbrella” shape is a unique invention of STALEKS PRO. It allows us to improve access hard-to-reach areas of the foot, increase the visibility of “blind spots,” where the classic flat pododisc, even the smallest diameter, cannot reach.

The umbrella-like pododisc is lighter in weight than a regular disc. The instrument is also made of high-quality stainless steel,  disinfectable, and sterilizable in a dry heat sterilizer.

“Umbrella” provides better processing of the lateral nail folds and rounded parts of the foot to increase the pedicure’s speed. That’s why the nail stylists like it so much!


In October 2020, we expect the novelty presentation – a pododisc with an extended leg. This design change allows the tool to be used in nail drill machines with vacuum cleaners.

Now you can buy a pododisc with a 37 mm leg. The already familiar drop-like holes reduce the tool’s weight and reduce the foot’s heat during pododisc work.

The use of high-quality medical steel allows sterilization and disinfection of the pododisc without the risk of corrosion.


This tool made a splash. While someone is asking why a brand needs a plastic tool, other nail stylists are not afraid to try a novelty in their work and share their positive reviews.

As a brand, we strive to make the tool available to every nail artist. The plastic pododisc is cheaper while meeting all the safety and hygiene criteria. It is resistant to moisture, bacteria, microorganisms, and does not corrode.

The only condition is that such a pododisc lends itself to ONLY COLD STERILIZATION in a special solution due to the material’s peculiarities.

We have repeatedly written on our Instagram about how to sterilize a plastic pododisc properly.


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