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in the world of beauty tools

Models of instrument

The largest company in Europe that produces durable beauty tools for a broad target audience

The widest range:


/ 320 models /


/ 65 models /


/ 37 models /

Drill bits

/ 70 models /


/ 39 models /


/ 55 models /


beauty tools

We implement innovations that change the nail industry. All developments are patented and have no analogs. The key feature that hasn’t changed in more than two decades of the company’s history is outstanding product quality.

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The largest
European manufacturer

Staleks has a full-cycle production plant, where the creation of a tool begins with the preparation of a steel bar and ends with the packaging of the finished product. There are no analogs in Europe.

We are chosen
by beauty technicians in 90 countries of the world

Staleks is a successful stable company with a team of real professionals, recognition and popularity in over 90 countries, a wide product range that is constantly expanding, many years of experience, and true craftsmanship.


with TOP bloggers of the nail industry

They talk about us. They recognize us! We cooperate with the world’s TOP bloggers in the nail industry; this direction is the key for Staleks marketing promotion in 2023.

The most active
digital promotion in the nail industry

Content is the main component of any product promotion. The Staleks team creates videos and image photos according to the latest trends and is happy to provide this material for its partners. We have 170,000 followers in Ukraine and 190,000 in Brazil, thanks to quality content.

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We are constantly growing in production volumes (millions)

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