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Replaceable abrasive elements for rasps and files by STALEKS PRO

29 12/2018

Replaceable abrasive elements for rasps and files by STALEKS PRO


Compliance with the rules of hygiene and safety is an important aspect of every nail specialist's work. Mandatory sterilization of the working tools, use of disposable removable abrasive elements make manicure and pedicure hygienic, comfortable, and safe for the client.

In addition to professional instruments for different spheres of the beauty industry, STALEKS PRO offers rasp and file bases, as well as replaceable abrasive elements that securely attach to these bases.

Disposable abrasive elements are indispensable for any nail master due to the following advantages:

  • Hygiene: Only the base needs to be sterilized, and the used abrasive elements can be simply discarded.
  • Reliability: The abrasive element is securely attached to the rasp or file with strong adhesive.
  • Versatility: Suitable for dry or wet skin.
  • Convenience: Disposable elements do not swell due to contact with water and can be easily removed from the base.
  • Economical considerations: Buying one base and using disposable abrasive elements is more economical than buying new rasps or files. One metal base can be used either as a buff or as a file, so there is no need to buy two different instruments!
  • Diversity: We offer a large selection of elements with various abrasive material size and shape options.
  • Safety: Low risk of injury to the skin due to the foam layer.
  • Aesthetic appearance: It is always preferable to use a new rasp or file during a manicure or pedicure session. The client is guaranteed to appreciate the intact abrasive, which will positively affect the reputation of the master.

Metal rasp and file bases by STALEKS PRO possess the following characteristics:

  • The use of stainless medical-grade steel: Allows multiple sterilizations in special cleaning solutions or hot-air sterilizers.
  • Smooth surface polishing: Guarantees secure adhesion of the replaceable elements.
  • Ergonomic shape: For comfortable fit in your hand.
  • Durability.

The steel pedicure rasp base has a classic straight-lined shape with rounded edges. Nail files are available in 3 versions: straightrectangular, and crescent. Disposable files for bases with different degree of abrasiveness are available: 80 (rasp only), 100, 180, 240, 320 grit.

In January 2019 STALEKS PRO introduces metal bases with special finger notches that allow easier and faster removal of the used abrasive.

Try our new product and evaluate all the advantages of hygienic files and rasps by the leading Ukrainian manufacturer.

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