Confidentiality policy


Please, spend several minutes to read this Confidentiality Policy in order to familiarize yourself with what information is processed by web-site owner, for which purposes it is processed and what rights you have as regards such processing.


  1. While you are communicating with us (e.g., when you enter into agreement with us, contact us on an issue/suggestion, fill out our questionnaires/surveys) or using our website (e.g., when sign up, log in to your account, effect a purchase, take part in an offer and/or log out of your account), you leave your personal data.
  2. Personal data shall mean any information related to you based on which website owner can identify you directly or indirectly.
  3. The owner of web-site (hereinafter referred to as the “Company” or any form of pronoun “We”) is Donets Daria Pavlivna registered at the address of 190/184 Poltavskii Shliakh Street, Kharkov, Ukraine; Taxpayer’s code: 3056609423.
  4. The Company shall control your personal data. This means that we determine the goals and means for processing your personal data.
  5. We only process personal data that allow us to deliver our services to you at the appropriate level.
  6. We do not process your personal data that may disclose your race or ethnic origin, political, religious or philosophical views or membership in a union, nor do we process genetic, biometric, health data, or data regarding your sexuality or sexual orientation.
  7. We do not provide services to the minors under the age of 18 (eighteen) and do not process their personal data. If we are given a consent by a person who is child’s custodian only then can we provide services to such child. If you become aware that a child uses our services without his/her custodian’s consent, you are kindly requested to contact and inform us about such a fact.
  8. In this Confidentiality Policy, the processing of personal data means any operation or set of operations that are performed with personal data or a subset of personal data with or without automated means, including collection, recording, organizing, structuring, storing, processing or altering, searching and sampling, examining, using, disclosing by transmission, forwarding or other methods of granting access, grouping or combination, selection, erasure or destruction.
  9. If you have any difficulties while using our products / services / website, or you cannot change your account settings or have any questions / suggestions / comments on the Confidentiality Policy / company, you can contact us:

By mail: 10 Nikolay Bazhan Street, office 102, Kharkov, 61157, Ukraine.

  1. We process your personal data for the following purposes:

– ensure availability of our services on out website: We use the information about your registration on our website and account, your name, patronymic, surname, phone number, e-mail, IP-address in order to register you on our website and create your user account; create your profile and make it visible; process your payments; create your ID; provide support, provide you with information about your account, and respond to your requests; provide an individual approach by providing content on our website including targeted advertising of site services and partner services, which we believe may be of the greatest interest to you.

– fulfill the contract to which you are one of the parties, or to take measures upon your request prior to conclusion of the contract: We use your first name, patronymic, surname, phone number, e-mail, address of residence, address for delivery of goods / services to fulfill obligations under the contract of sale, service agreement or other contract to which you are one of the parties, as well as for an agreement with a freight forwarding / courier organization or other third parties, when it is needed to fulfill our obligations to you, an agreement for the transportation / delivery of goods to you, or services rendering.

– improve our website: We use the information about how you use our website, the information about your past searches, the language you choose to communicate with us, IP address, geolocation data, transaction history to better understand your network behavior and trends, identify potential outages and technical issues, to improve the services quality our website services.

– offer new capabilities: As the additional services that we and our partners provide through our website, we can use your name, patronymic, surname, phone number, e-mail, IP address, information about your use of our site, information about your past searches, your language of choice to communicate with us, geolocation data, history of transactions in order to continuously optimize and personalize our services, as well as to send individual messages about new offers / events / activities that we believe can be interesting for you.

If you send a message to us, a bot or a public account, subscribe to us, bot or public account, you give us, bot administration or public account  your permission to send you notifications and private messages. If you do not want to receive such notifications, you can configure the settings of your account for notification refusal and disable further notifications at any time. You can also contact and inform us about your refusal to receive our notifications/newsletters/messages/calls at any time.

– process your payments: W can use your data, such as name, phone number, payment card data, IP address, geolocation data for processing your payments for our services including through a secure third-party service provider.

– prevent fraudulent actions and spam forwarding; ensure compliance with the effective legislation, ensure compliance with the applicable laws: We can use your name, patronymic, surname, phone number, e-mail, IP address, information about your use of our site, information about your past searches, payment card data, geolocation data, transaction history for prevention, detection and investigation of cases of fraud, violation of security regulations, potentially prohibited or illegal activities, to protect the intellectual property of the website and ensure the execution of the site’s user agreement. The information may include URLs that other users have marked as SPAM or that are deemed to be unfavorable due to other reasons, and installed by the authentication services of the operating system. We reserve the right to use automated systems for blocking accounts based on such information and rules created by us in order to protect law-abiding users and prevent further leakage of information. If your account has been blocked, please, contact us.

– communicate with you: We can use your name, patronymic, surname, phone number, e-mail, IP address for communication with you (via message, call or otherwise) to support our company and site operation including your user account, to ensure compliance with the preferred methods of communication that you have specified, and also to provide you with up-to-date information on our services (trainings, seminars, promotions, events arranged by us or our partners, renewal of the product range, congratulating you on holidays / events). We can use your information for direct personal communication with you via by advertising maile-mailSMS, calls.

Also, with your consent we analyze your profile to offer you services based on your requests, suggestions and interests. Namely, our offers may include discounts for products/services of our company, vouchers provided in exchange for participation in surveys, etc. Offers can be from the company or the partners we cooperate with or other third parties. Offers can be sent to your e-mail, phone or using Push-notifications.

Profile analysis is any form of automated processing of your personal data that includes the use of personal data for assessment of certain personal aspects related to you, namely, for analysis and forecasting of aspects regarding your economic state, health, personal preferences, interests, reliability, behavior, location or movement.

11. We process your personal data provided legal grounds of such processing only. Such legal grounds may include:

– Your consent to processing of your personal data for a particular reason;

– data processing is required to fulfill the contract to which you are one of the parties, or to take measures upon your request prior to conclusion of the contract:

– data process is required for fulfillment of legal obligations assumed by us;

– data processing is required to protect your or other individual’s fundamental interests;

– data processing is required for fulfillment of a task performed for public interests or when exercising official powers we are entrusted with;

– data processing is required to ensure our legal interests or legal interests of a third party.

12. We operate in an international space and render our services to people around the globe. It means that your personal data can be processed in countries, where data security and confidentiality standards may not provide the same protection level as that in your country. We process your personal data on our computers in different countries of the world and user services from the providers that may reside in different countries outside European Economic Area. In such cases we require from a recipient to ensure appropriate security of personal data received in accordance with the effective legislation regarding security of such information. If you want to get additional information about precautions, please, feel free to contact us.

13. You have the right to receive from us confirmation as to whether personal data relating to you are in processing, and in this case you have the right to access your personal data. If you want to get a copy of your personal data, please, feel free to contact us.

We will provide you with any information about the actions taken at your request, without undue delay, and in any case within one month after receiving such a request. This period can be extended for another two months, if necessary, taking into account the complexity and number of requests.

14. We can use cookies.

Cookies are small files sent to a user’s web-browser and stored on a hard disk drive of a personal computer. Cookies are sent to your personal computer, when you first visit the website. Later on, cookies are used for identification of a personal computer and to optimize access to the website or information contained thereon. Using the services of our website You agree to use cookies.

Most web-browsers allow the users to manage cookies using configuration settings of a web-browser. To learn more information on how to manage cookies in the most common web-browsers, please, click the respective link below:

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To refuse Google Analytics tracing on all websites, please, go to

If you do not agree to save cookies on your PC or other device, you may change the settings of your web-browser and:

remove all cookies;

block all cookies;

allow all cookies;

block third-party cookies;

delete all cookies upon exit from the browser;

open ‘private browsing session’ / ‘incognito’ that makes it possible to browse the Internet without saving any local data; and

set add-ons and plug-ins to extend functionality of your browser.

But, please, note that in some cases it may slow down web-page browsing.

To learn more information about handling cookies in web-browser, please, click on respective link below:

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15. All information about cookies used on our website, their purpose, validity and data used can be provided by us at any time by your request.

15.1. Below are the primary purposes for which we use cookies.


  • Strictly Necessary – Allows us to deliver a better experience in regards to performance and security, such as facilitating your account login and determining if your browser has JavaScript enabled.
  • Functional/Performance – We will identify your local preferences for viewing and accessing the website, such as your preferred language, local website version, display options, e-mail or social media integration (i.e., allowing you to share our website via your Facebook account).
  • Targeting/Advertising – We use cookies served by our analytics partners such as Abobe Analytics (Omniture) and Google Analytics, to understand how you use our Site and how we can provide a better experience. The information received from these cookies helps us learn things such as what website pages and products you prefer. To find out more about Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics (Omniture), click here (Google Analytics) and here (Adobe Analytics).

The table below explains the cookies we use and why:




Cookie preference


This cookie is used to remember a user’s choice about cookies on Where users have previously indicated a preference, that user’s preference will be stored in this cookie.

Universal Analytics (Google)





These cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use our website. We use the information to compile reports and to help us improve the website. The cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the website and blog, where visitors have come to the website from and the pages they visited.

Read Google’s overview of privacy and safeguarding data

Security breach notification form cookie


This cookie is essential for the breach notification form – the form that public electronic communications service providers use to notify us of a security breach – to operate. It is set only for those people using the form. This cookie is deleted when you close your browser.

Visit the Microsoft website 

YouTube cookies





We embed videos from our official YouTube channel using YouTube’s privacy-enhanced mode. This mode may set cookies on your computer once you click on the YouTube video player, but YouTube will not store personally-identifiable cookie information for playbacks of embedded videos using the privacy-enhanced mode.

Read more at YouTube’s embedding videos information page.

PREF – * Expires after eight months

VSC – * expires at the end of your session

VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE – *expires after eight months

remote_sid – * expires at the end of your session

16. We strictly adhere to the principle of limiting data storage. This means that your personal data will be stored in a form that makes it possible to identify you no longer than is necessary for the purposes your personal data are processed for. You can be sure that if we no longer have the reasons or legal requirements to process your personal data, we will delete them or store them in such a way that they no longer enable your identification.

We have different policies in place for storage of different types of personal data. Such policies account for the following:

  • purpose of personal data retrieval;
  • time it takes to fulfill such purpose;
  • any particular reason or legal requirement that requires retaining personal data within a particular period of time.

Also, if you have registered an account with us, we will store personal information such as your e-mail address, name and other information so that you can log in and access our services while you have an account. We can retain other information for an indefinite period of time, such as activity on the website related to the IP address, to use it for analysis of user behavior, improvement of our products and services, and protection of the interests of our business.

Irrespective of what a retention period must be you may require deletion of your personal data from us under certain circumstance. Additional information on how you can manage your personal is provided below.

17. You have the right to information, as well as:

– access right to your personal data – for more details, please, refer to Article 15 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR);

– right to correction of your personal data – for more details, please, refer to Article 16 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR);

– right to delete your personal data (right to be forgotten) – for more details, please, refer to Article 17 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR);

– right to restricted processing of your personal data – for more details, please, refer to Article 18 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR);

– right to objection against your personal data – for more details, please, refer to Article 21 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR);

– right to automated individual decision making, including profile compilation – for more details, please, refer to Article 22 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR);

– right to transfer of your personal data – for more details, please, refer to Article 20 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR);

18. Also, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time without affecting the validity of the processing performed prior to such revocation of consent if processing is based on your express consent to such processing.

19. You have the right to file a complaint with one supervisory authority, in particular in a member state of the European Union of your usual place of residence, and the right to an effective remedy in accordance with Article 47 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union if you believe that your rights on the basis of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are violated or when the supervisory authority does not act on the complaint, partially or completely rejects the complaint or denies its satisfaction, or does not act when such a measure is necessary to protect your rights.

20. We will assist exercising your rights in accordance with applicable laws of Ukraine and Articles 15-22 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

21. The company reserves the right to revise this Confidentiality Policy. You will be notified about such revision with a special notice or during your next visit of the website, and we will also post a new version of this Confidentiality Policy.